Big eyes

The Omni La Costa Resort is magnificent. So is its spa. A place of true beauty and serenity. The landscapers are geniuses here—the Michelangelo’s of all things flora. Amid a riot of colorful Birds of Paradise, verdant palms, bubbling fountains and private pools, the La Costa Spa is a sublime treat for a working girl like me. Except. Sometimes even … Read More

Being the Prez Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be.

Committee Cartoon

Back in the day, belonging to my local advertising club meant two-hour lunches and hobnobbing with the stars of our industry. Today, nobody has two minutes to participate. After a two-year stint as our local chapter president, I learned that ducking and diving is the new status quo of club leadership today. Ask someone to participate? Ha! Watch them dodge and … Read More

How Trump Saved Our Marriage

Donald Trump

I’m a spender. My husband is a saver. I’m an extrovert. He’s an introvert. I like modern alternative rock. He likes Dylan. But there’s one thing that knits us together tighter than an Irish sweater: Donald Trump. We are united in our extreme dislike of everything the man stands for. If I feel the need to talk, all I have … Read More

Why don’t men make the cut?


I see plenty of nice-looking guys. They’ve got cute faces. They’re well dressed. They’re fun and funny. And then I look at their hands (no, not for THAT reason). Specifically, I look at their fingernails. You can tell a lot about a guy from this. Like whether or not he’s married and/or has a steady. If his nails are trimmed waaaaay down, … Read More