Buzzwords are B.S.


Smug and sanctimonious. That’s what I think of the “corporate” twits who use trendy and trite buzzwords.

My last boss used the word “cadence” like it was a shiny new toy in his toy box. He’d pull it out when he wanted to sound like he knew what he was doing. He’d say things like, “We need to determine the cadence for this project” or “What cadence does the leadership expect?” I kept thinking he was calling in a marching band to perform. Dude, please, can’t you just say timeline? Frequency? Deadline?

Another catchphrase that makes me catatonic is “in my wheelhouse,” as in “That skill set is not in my wheelhouse.” Oh yeah? What is in your wheelhouse? A horse and buggy?

And then there’s the ubiquitous “take a peek under the skirt,” sometimes referred to as “open the kimono.” That’s what MEN say when they want to access someone’s private information or details. #MeToo

Of course, when they don’t want you to access theirs or wander into their territory, they say “stay in your own swim lane,” another boo-worthy buzzword.

Other recent eye-rollers include, “sticky, robust, learnings, and hard stop.” All of which makes me want to quit and be permanently “out-of-pocket (not available).”