Big eyes

The Omni La Costa Resort is magnificent. So is its spa. A place of true beauty and serenity. The landscapers are geniuses here—the Michelangelo’s of all things flora. Amid a riot of colorful Birds of Paradise, verdant palms, bubbling fountains and private pools, the La Costa Spa is a sublime treat for a working girl like me. Except.

Sometimes even the most affluent guests are disgusting.

Let me explain. Once you’re robed and ready for your treatment, you’re invited to wait in the coed lounge or repose in the girls-only “Rest and Relaxation Room.” I opted for the latter. Sitting quietly by a cozy fire, I started to drift off. And then the baroness of boorishness walked in.

She clomped over to the hot tea station and loudly prepared her cup, lifting the metal tea container top over and over again, and then dropping it. Clank, clank, clanking all the way. I was now wide awake. Next, she proceeded to plop into a chaise lounge that was directly in front of me, with her legs drawn up, her robe open and her whole vagina on display.

They say bad things always come in threes. So then her daughter walks in, plops down beside her, and they start having a (loud) tete-a-tete. Now the Rest and Relaxation Room was more like the “Riot and Ruckus Room.”

Some people just don’t get it. These two clearly didn’t. Which just goes to show that no matter how much money people have or how chichi the environment, ill-mannered people can be found at every level of the socio-economic stratum. And sadly, even at a really great spa.